What is a Tagline?

What is a tagline? OSHA defines a tagline as “a rope (usually fiber) attached to a lifted load for purposes of controlling load spinning and pendular motions or used to stabilize a bucket or magnet during material handling operation.”

Taglines can be a critical part of your rigging plan to ensure the safety of everyone on a jobsite. They allow you to avoid situations where you may otherwise have to put hands on or stay underneath a load – both of which are incredibly dangerous and never recommended. They also assist to control a load when there is a possibility of the load to rotate. Overall, taglines work to limit risks to the people and objects surrounding a load.

tag line in use

When using a tagline, it’s also important to follow some safety guidelines.  Ensure the line is long enough to keep you out of harms away, but not so long that it becomes a snagging hazard. Additionally, it is important to never tie knots or loops in the tagline and to never wrap the taglines around your hands or arms. If for some reason a tagline is not possible, hands-free tools may be an alternative option. We offer the Snare-It and Shove-It Hands Free Safety Tools to help eliminate exposure to the “danger zone” during a lift. 

In addition to taglines, make sure you and your team are equipped with all the necessary fall protection and safety equipment, such as hard hats, gloves, and harnesses. Our team will be glad to discuss the best options suited for your particular job. If you need to brush-up on all of your rigging safety knowledge, our rigging training is one of the best. Contact your nearest location to schedule a training.

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