Spotlight on Synthetic Rope and Slings

Synthetic ropes are strong, durable, and offer great versatility. They can be used in a variety of different rigging applications among many industries. In addition to their strength, they are light and easy to use in comparison to alloy, wire, and other types of materials. In this post, we aim to highlight the benefits of synthetic ropes, industries it may serve, the different types of rope, as well as synthetic rope slings Ashley Sling fabricates.

Synthetic Rope Benefits & Industries Served:

Synthetic rope has increasingly become a popular choice among different industries, and for good reason. Some benefits of synthetic ropes include:

  • Strong & durable
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Light weight, making it easy to use and maneuver
  • Soft to touch, so it works well for delicate loads

Industries that often choose to use synthetic ropes include:

  • Utility services
  • Recovery
  • Crane Lifting
  • Mining & mooring
  • Safety & rescue
  • & more!
amsteel blue synthetic rope sling

Samson Rope:

We’ve chosen to partner with Samson Rope in order to bring quality synthetic ropes to our customers. Ashley Sling offers Samson 3-Strand Construction Rope, Double Braid Rope, and 12-Strand Rope.

Fabricated Synthetic Rope Slings:

While we are distributors of synthetic ropes, we also fabricate a variety of synthetic rope slings. Utility Rope Slings and Recovery Rope Slings are our most frequent synthetic rope sling requests, but we can also fabricate Amsteel Blue Lifting Slings and more.

  • Utility Rope Slings: Utility services is a common industry in need of synthetic ropes due to the nature of their job. We fabricate Bushing Slings as well as Transformer Slings. Bushing Slings are used in the installation and removal of transformer bushings. They are made with double braid polyester rope. Adjustable Transformer Slings are available in both a Single and Double configurations. The adjustments on each of these slings allow for snug lifting control and minimizes the number of fixed length slings required. They are fabricated with Samson Rope’s Tenex-Tec.
  • Recovery Rope Slings: We fabricate and distribute reliable recovery rope slings that allow for effective utility and vehicle recovery options. We fabricate the Mule Recovery Rope that is available in Samson Stable Braid, Amsteel II, and Amsteel II Plus ropes.

Synthetic Ropes play a major role across a variety of different industries. Their strength and ease-of-use make them a popular choice. As always, it is important to adhere to manufacturer warnings when using a product. Interested in a quote or more information about synthetic ropes and synthetic rope slings? Contact us today or visit your nearest Ashley Sling location.

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