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Rigging Inspections

Rigging Inspections Conducted by Our Expert Team

Our rigging inspection team conducts hand-on inspections to determine whether slings are in acceptable, working condition. Rigging inspection not only improve safety, but they are an OSHA requirement. Inspections may take place at one of our facilities or on-site.

What Does A Rigging Inspection Include?

  • On-site or in-house rigging inspection
  • Inspections conducted using OSHA & ASME standards as they apply. View Inspection Criteria & Regulations.
  • You will be provided with an itemized list of your inspection
  • Determine if your slings are in acceptable working condition or needs repair/replacement

Why Schedule A Rigging Inspection?

Sling inspections are necessary to remove any damaged gear that may present a hazard. Don’t wait for sling failure before you schedule an inspection. Protect your investment and your employees.
Be sure to schedule your rigging inspections in advance. Rigging Inspections are in high-demand and we want to make sure you are on our calendar.

Need Frequent Or Daily Inspections?

Did you know that most rigging accidents happen with damaged gear going beyond its working load limits? We can train your riggers on frequent and daily inspections of their rigging gear to recognize these signs. Our goal is to make your job successful, and our trainings are a great start! Learn more about our trainings. 

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