Nylon Web Sling

How to Order: Web Slings

When ordering slings consider the following:

  • Type of hitch
  • Capacity of tables
  • Sling to Load Angles

Available Web Sling Codes:

  • TC – Triangle & Choker End Fittings
  • TT – Triangle & Triangle End Fittings
  • EE – Eye & Eye (Flat Eyes). Standard Eye & Eye (Twisted Eye)
  • EN – Endless
  • RE – Reversed Eye
  • WL – Wide Lift
  • WLA – Wide Lift Attached Eye

Eye Length Chart:

Eye lengths of types 3 & 4 varies with sling width and number of webbing plies.

Number of Plies: This refers to the number of thickness of webbing in the body of the slings. Generally available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 plies.

Width: Standard web widths range from 1″ through 12″. Standard sling widths up to 24″.

Sling Material: Unless specified, nylon webbing will be standard. Polyester webbing is also available.

Treatment for abrasion: Unless specifically requested, all nylon & polyester web slings will have an abrasion-resistant treatment applied.

Web Sling Order Code:

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