Nylon Web Sling Data

How to Order Web Slings

The following includes information on how to order web slings and other key items to consider.

How to order Web Slings

When ordering web slings consider the following:

  • Type of hitch
  • Capacity of tables
  • Sling to Load Angles

Available Web Sling Codes:

  • TC – Triangle & Choker End Fittings
  • TT – Triangle & Triangle End Fittings
  • EE – Eye & Eye (Flat Eyes). Standard Eye & Eye (Twisted Eye)
  • EN – Endless
  • RE – Reversed Eye
  • WL – Wide Lift
  • WLA – Wide Lift Attached Eye

Eye Length Chart:

Eye Length chart for ordering web slings
Eye lengths of types 3 & 4 varies with sling width and number of webbing plies.

Number of Plies: This refers to the number of thickness of webbing in the body of the slings. Generally available in 1, 2, 3 & 4 plies.

Width: Standard web widths range from 1″ through 12″. Standard sling widths up to 24″.

Sling Material: Unless specified, nylon webbing will be standard. Polyester webbing is also available.

Treatment for abrasion: Unless specifically requested, all nylon & polyester web slings will have an abrasion-resistant treatment applied.

Web Sling Order Code:

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Now that you know how to order web slings, shop different types of web slings and get a quote from one of our representatives. If you need assistance, please contact your nearest Ashley Sling location.