We fabricate the highest quality slings in the industry. Our slings include Wire Rope Slings, Alloy Chain Slings, Roundslings, Web Slings, and more.


Our wire rope slings are fabricated in-house to your job or project’s specifications. From standard Eye & Eye Slings to Pendant-Swaged Sockets, we have what you need. Shop Wire Rope Slings

All of our web slings are manufactured in-house with the highest quality nylon fibers. Our nylon web slings are perfect for lifting delicate loads. Shop Web Slings

We offer a variety of roundslings for your lifting needs, including the popular HPZ Extreme Lift Roundsling. Shop Roundslings

We fabricate various utility slings, including Single and Double Adjustable Transformer Slings. Adjustable transformer slings offer adaptability to various load sizes. Shop Utility Rope Slings.

Our large variety of alloy chain slings can provide solutions for all rigging needs.  We manufacture Single, Adjustable, Basket Chain Slings & more. Shop Alloy Chain Slings

Reliable recovery rope slings that allow for effective utility and vehicle recovery operations. Shop Recovery Rope Slings.

Top of the line sling protection products to protect against cuts and abrasion. Shop Sling Protection.

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