Rigging Hardware

For high quality rigging, we ensure that we can offer you the best rigging hardware in the industry.


Crosby has a variety of eye bolts & hoist rings that will work for your specific application. Shop Eye Bolts & Hoist Rings

From eye hooks to swivel hooks & more, we offer quality options for your rigging supplies. Shop Hooks

We supply hook latch kits to replace or add latches to your hooks. Shop Hook Latch Kits

We offer a variety of different links and rings made by Crosby for your specific needs. Shop Links & Rings

High quality load monitoring devices. Straightpoint Wireless Loadlinks and Straightpoint Radiolink plus are great hardware add-ons, and make your lift safer. Shop Load Monitoring.

When choosing shackles, choose a a strong and reliable option with Crosby’s collection. Shop Shackles

We have a variety of Swaging Tools to choose from with Crosby’s catalog. Shop Swage Fittings

We have standard, forged, and angular contact bearing swivels for whatever you may need. Shop Swivels

View Crosby Wire Rope Thimble options available. Shop Thimbles

Crosby’s turnbuckles are great options for your next job. Turnbuckles are recommended for straight or in-line pull. Shop Turnbuckles

If your next job requires wire rope clips, Crosby has great options to complete the job successfully. Shop Wire Rope Clips

Standard, Utility, and Wedge Sockets that work with high performance wire rope are available. Shop Wedge Sockets

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