Single Adjustable Transformer Sling

This adjustable, load-rotated two-eye lifting sling has a permanent eye splice at one end and an adjustable eye at the other end, which allows it to adapt to loads of various sizes. The adjustment allows snug lifting control and minimizes the number of fixed leg slings required. Each sling is tagged with a capacity.



See specifications for additional information.


Part NumberSize (inches)ColorApprox. WeightMin. Length with 1-1/2" Eyes*Rated Capacity:
*Rated Capacity:
*Rated Capacity:
90ยบ V. Basket
400-073001/2"Blue1.2 LBS**2'6" - 4'2,200 lbs1,700 lbs4,400 lbs
400-073205/8"Red1.7 LBS**3' - 5'3,200 lbs2,560 lbs6,400 lbs
400-073403/4"Green2.8 LBS**3'6" - 6'4,200 lbs3,380 lbs8,400 lbs

*Rated capacities are for a sling in vertical lift use
** Custom length for your application are also available