Pipe Carrier Sling

Pipe Carrier Sling

Pipe Carrier Sling (PCS) is the wire rope used when applying a “Tea Cup” carrier.

  • “Spoon Handle” available for PC-3/4 only. Please order SH-3/4 (includes bolt on lip).
  • Option SH – “Spoon Handle” Length 61.1″ with slight bend for ease of use”


  1. Drop pipe lifting sling through hole in pipe.
  2. Align and insert “Tea Cup” pipe carrier into lifting sling,
  3. Once set, you are ready to lift the pipe.

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Sling Model NumberTea Cup ModelVertical Capacity (tons)Sling Dia (in)Standard Length (ft)After Swage (in): AAfter Swage (in): BWt (lbs)
PCS-1 1/8PC-1101 1/854.812.3026
PCS-1 1/4PC-1131 1/455.422.5634
PCS-1 1/2PC-1 1/2181 1/256.503.0654

Note: Standard 5′ length, 3′ minimum length. Longer lengths are available.

Oblong master ring at top also available.

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