HPZ Extreme Lift® Roundslings

The HPZ Extreme Lift® Roundsling is a High Performance Sling made from a custom blend of HMPE and Aramid Fibers. The fibers are enclosed with our TUFF-ASH® two ply red outer/yellow inner jacket.

  • Superior strength to weight ratio promotes easier handling, transporting and rigging
  • Less than 1% stretch at rated capacity
  • Serialized and proof tested to 200% of rated capacity
  • Durable two-ply jacket protects load bearing fibers
  • Seamless – no stitched edges that can rupture prematurely
  • Conforms to shape of load to grip easily
  • Manufactured in either endless or eye & eye configuration
  • Contrasting outer and inner jacket colors help the user spot snags and tears

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See specifications for additional information.


Part NumberVerticalChoker*Basket**Weight (lbs/ft) Approx.Actual Body Width (in.)
HPZ 10 10,0008,00020,000.65 lbs3"
HPZ 1515,00012,00030,000.65 lbs3"
HPZ 2020,00016,00040,000.74 lbs3"
HPZ 2525,00020,00050,000.83 lbs3"
HPZ 3030,00024,00060,000.96 lbs3"
HPZ 4040,00032,00080,0001.34 lbs4"
HPZ 5050,00040,000100,0001.52 lbs4"
HPZ 6060,00048,000120,0001.75 lbs4"
HPZ 7070,00056,000140,0002.20 lbs5"
HPZ 8585,00068,000170,0002.42 lbs5"
HPZ 100100,00080,000200,0002.89 lbs5"
HPZ 125125,000100,000250,0003.48 lbs6"
HPZ 150150,000120,000300,0003.95 lbs8"
HPZ 175175,000140,000350,0004.52 lbs8"
HPZ 200200,000160,000400,0005.09 lbs8"

Avoid temperatures above 158 degrees
* Choker hitch capacities based on a choke angle greater than 120 degrees
** Basket capacities are based on a 90 degree basket hitch