Green Pin Tycan Chain

Green Pin Tycan® Chain, made from Dyneema® fiber, is up to eight times lighter than steel – yet just as strong. Green Pin Tycan® combines the almost paradoxical characteristics of being feather light and soft to the touch, while providing the strength of steel. This makes it the first chain that offers both safety and efficiency. Features:

  • Soft: Lower risk of damaging cargo and injuring crew
  • Light: Up to eight times lighter than steel chains
  • Strong: Made from Dyneema®, the world’s strongest man-made fiber
  • Green: Environmentally friendlier production process than that of a steel chain
  • Waterproof: No absorption, it floats on water
  • Rugged: Very resistant to chemicals, grease, dirt, salt and low temperatures
  • Quiet: Reduced risk of hearing damage and noise pollution

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Material: Made with 100% Dyneema®; layers of webbing in a Mobius twist with stitching on each side
Safety Factor: 4:1
Temperature Range: -40ºF up to 158ºF

Specifications & Lifting Configurations

Link Specifications:

Part NumberLink Size (in)WLL (tons)Link Width (in)Link Thickness (in)Length Inside (in)Links per meterElongation at MBLWeight per Meter (lbs)Layers
5000-200007/16 x 19/322.619/327/1641050.706
5000-201007/16 x 25/32425/327/1641051.046
5000-2020019/32 x 15119/3241051.288
5000-203001/2 x 1 3/166.81 3/161/24 23/32851.657

Part NumberLink Size (mm)WLL (tons)Link Width (mm)Link Thickness (mm)Length Inside (mm)Links per meterElongation at MBLWeight per Meter (kg)Layers

Lifting Configurations:
Working Load Limit table for Green Pin Tycan® Chain Slings generally to ASME B30.9

Type of Hitch1 Leg Vertical1 Leg Choker Hitch2 Leg Chain:
2 Leg Chain:
2 Leg Chain:
3 & 4 Leg Chain:
3 & 4 Leg Chain:
3 & 4 Leg Chain:
Load Factor10.81.731.
Working Load Limit (t)