FIRST Inspectable Polyester Round Slings

FP Inspectable Round Sling supply riggers with a consistent and reliable visual inspection of the core yarns.



  • Transparent Clear Cover makes inspection of the load bearing core yarns a reality
  • Durable two-ply Clear Cover protects load bearing fibers
  • Seamless – No stitch edges that can rupture prematurely
  • Conforms to shape of load to grip easily
  • Elongation approximately 3% at rated capacity
  • Endless configuration allows for rotation of wear points


Part NumberVerticalChoker*Basket**Weight (lbs/ft) Approx.Body Diameter Relaxed (in.)
FP 303,0002,4006,000.25 lbs2"
FP 606,0004,80012,000.35 lbs2"
FP 909,0007,20018,000.50 lbs2"
FP 12012,0009,60024,000.65 lbs3"
FP 14014,00011,20028,000.70 lbs3"
FP 17017,00013,60034,000.80 lbs3"
FP 23023,00018,40046,0001.11 lbs4"
FP 26026,00020,80052,0001.20 lbs4"
FP 32032,00025,60064,0001.60 lbs4"
FP 40040,00032,00080,0001.80 lbs5"
FP 54054,00043,200108,0002.40 lbs6"
FP 68068,00054,400136,0003.00 lbs6"
FP 90090,00072,000180,0003.85 lbs6"

*Choker hitch capacities are based on a choke angle greater than 120 degrees
** Basket capacities are based on a 90 degree basket hitch
All edges must be properly padded to avoid cuts.
Do not exceed rated capacities.