Cushion-Pac 8

Wire Rope Industries Cushion-Pac 8 ropes provide improvements in flexibility and rope fatigue life. The advanced cushioned core is added for superior rope life, improved fatigue life and reduced wear properties that are necessary to meet the extra demands of high cycle, small sheave and drum crane applications.


  • Excellent choice for production-oriented cranes
  • Exceptionally long service lift for minimized downtime
  • High lifting capacity and resistance to crushing
  • Reduced drum and sheave wear and good spooling properites
  • Advanced cushioned core for superior rope life
  • Reverse-lay core version is available


DIAMETER (inches)DIAMETER (mm)ConstructionWeight per Foot (lb/ft)Weight per Meter
Minimum Breaking Load (EIP - Tons)Minimum Breaking Load (EIP - kN)Minimum Breaking Load(EEIP - Tons)Minimum Breaking Load (EEIP - kN)
1/2138x26WS Dy-Pac CC (APT- Reverse Lay)0.50.7414.613016.1143
9/16148x26WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)0.630.9418.516520.4182
5/8168x26WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)0.781.222.720225223
3/4198x26WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)1.11.632.428835.6317
7/8228x31WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)
1258x31WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)1.92.956.950662.6557
1 1/8298x31WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)2.43.671.563678.7700
1 1/4328x31WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)3.14.587.978296.7861
1 3/8358x36WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)3.75.51069431171,041
1 1/2388x36WS Dy-Pac CC (APT - Reverse Lay)4.46.51251,1121381,228
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>> Main Hoist
>> Closing Rope
>> Boom Hoist
>> Trolley Rope