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Elevate your rigging safety and efficiency with load monitoring devices. Crosby Straightpoint offers several products to assist customers with their load monitoring needs during lifting applications.

Why Use Load Monitoring Devices?

Load monitoring devices are intended to help riggers safely execute their job. They can offer instantaneous visibility so that loads can be monitored for potential overload. Wireless load monitoring options also allow riggers to monitor loads from a safe distance, which optimizes the safety and efficiency to the application. 

About Straightpoint

Crosby Straightpoint aims to make the lifting industry a safer place by knowing the load. The Straighpoint site states, “Crosby Straightpoint (SP) is an award-winning, UK & USA load cell manufacturer specializing in the production and calibration of load monitoring equipment.” Crosby SP products are developed using the latest technology and materials to increase safety in heavy-load lifts.

Radiolink plus and Wireless Loadshackle

We primarily recommend Straightpoint’s Radiolink plus and Wireless Loadshackle. Radiolink plus is designed to be rigged with Crosby standard shackles and has approved wireless tension load cell capable of weighing and dynamic load monitoring capacities from 1t to 500t. It is available with a bluetooth option and has a remote on-off from a handheld display or software. This ensures additional safety by allowing riggers to monitor the load from a safe distance.

Wireless Loadshackles (WLS) provide a safe solution to limited headroom or super heavy lifting projects. WLS is constructed using Crosby’s industry-leading shackles. It is also controlled by remote on-off from handheld display or software, and it has a wireless range of 3,280 feet. 

RLP with Handheld
Radiolink Plus
Wireless Loadshackle
Wireless Loadshackle

Our team of rigging experts are ready to answer your load monitoring questions! Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.

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