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How to Order: Wire Rope Slings

Below we provide information on how to order wire rope. Wire Rope Slings offer excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion. Ashley Sling fabricates a wide variety of wire rope slings that can be made to the specifications needed for most rigging applications.

Available Wire Rope Sling Part Numbers:

  • ASI-105-A: Standard Eye & Eye Wire Rope Sling
  • ASI-135-C / ASI-136-C / ASI-137-B / ASI-138-B: Eye & Eye Wire Rope Sling with Sliding Choker Hooks
  • ASI-9PB: 9 Part Braided Wire Rope Sling
  • ASI-3PB: 3 Part Braided Wire Rope Sling
  • ASI-228-C / ASI-210-B: Two Leg Bridle Sling
  • ASI-253-C: Two Leg Basket Sling
  • ASI-303-E: Three Leg Bridle Sling
  • ASI-404-C: Four Leg Bridle Sling
  • ASI-108-B: Cable Laid Sling
  • ASI-11-A: Grommet Sling

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