alloy chain slings welded

How to Order Alloy Chain Slings

Below outlines information on how to order Alloy Chain Slings. It outlines various types of alloy chain slings, the chain sizes and their associated working load limits, and provides an example of code to use when requesting your alloy chain sling order.

Type of Chain Slings

In describing the type of alloy chain slings, the following symbols are used to explain and label the sling.

Number of Chain Legs (First Symbol)

S Single Chain Sling
D – Double Chain Sling (2 Legs)
T – Triple Chain Sling (3 Legs)
Q – Quad Chain Sling (4 Legs)

Attachments (Second & Third Symbol)

O – Oblong Master Ring or Sub-Assembly
P – Pear Link
E – Eliminator
R – Round Master Ring
S – Sling Hook
SS – Swivel Sling Hook
G – Grab Hook (Cradle Style)
GN – Grab Hook (No Cradle)
F – Foundry Hook
L – Lodelok Hook, Shur-loc and OBK Style Hook
LS – Lodelok Hook, Shur-lock and OBK (Swivel Type)

PH – Plate Hook
PC – Plate Clamp
CH – Choker Hook
H – Hammer Lock
EB – Eye Bolt
T – Turn Buckle
SPS – Shackle (Screw pin)
RPS – Shackle (Round pin)
BTS – Shackle (Bolt Type)
SH – Swivel Hoist Ring
W – Web Connector
X – Specials

Sling Style (Adjustable Slings Only)

/A – No Chain
/B – Approximately with 1′ of chain
/C – Chain Shortener (in line)
/SC – Shortening Clutch / Link

Additional Special Sling Codes

ENS – Endless Single
END – Endless Double
SAL – Single Adjustable Loop
DAL – Double Adjustable Loop
SB – Single Basket
DB – Double Basket

Example of Code:

Alloy Chain Sling Coding

Chain Sizes and Working Load Limits

Grade 80 Alloy Chain Sling Working Load Limits
Grade 100 Alloy Chain Sling Working Load Limits
Warning: Do not exceed rated capacities. Use only alloy chain and compatible components for overhead lifting.

Now that you know how to order alloy chain sling, shop all of our available alloy chain options. You can also request a quote or contact your nearest location to discuss exactly what you need for your project.