How to Order Alloy Chain Slings

Types of Chain Slings

In describing the type of alloy chain slings, the following symbols are used to explain and label the slings:

1st Symbol:

Number of Chain Legs

S – Single Chain Sling
D – Double Chain Sling (2 Legs)
T – Triple Chain Sling (3 Legs)
Q – Quad Chain Sling (4 Legs)

2nd & 3rd Symbol:


O – Oblong Master Ring or Sub-Assembly
– Pear Link
E – Eliminator
R – Round Master Ring
S – Sling Hook
SS – Swivel Sling Hook
G – Grab Hook (Cradle Style)
GN – Grab Hook (No Cradle)
F – Foundry Hook
L – Lodelok Hook, Shur-loc and OBK Style Hook
LS – Lodelok Hook, Shur-lock and OBK (Swivel Type)
PH – Plate Hook
PC – Plate Clamp
CH – Choker Hook
H – Hammer Lock
EB – Eye Bolt
T – Turn Buckle
SPS – Shackle (Screw pin)
RPS – Shackle (Round pin)
BTS – Shackle (Bolt Type)
SH – Swivel Hoist Ring
W – Web Connector
X – Specials


Adjustable Slings:

Sling Style

/A – No Chain
/B – Approximately with 1′ of chain
/C – Chain shortener (in line)
/SC – Shortening Clutch/Link


Special Sling Codes

ENS – Endless Single
END – Endless Double
SAL – Single Adjustable Loop
DAL – Double Adjustable Loop
SB – Single Basket
DB – Double Basket

Example of Code:

alloy chain sling code example

Chain Sizes & Working Load Limits:

Chain Slings Grade 80 Alloy
Chain Slings Grade 100 Alloy
Warning: Do not exceed rated capacities. Use only alloy chain and compatible compnents or overhead lifting.
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