CMOD Spreader Frames – Now in Stock!


Modulift’s CMOD Spreader Frames are now in stock! Modulift is the premium supplier of Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams & other below the hook heavy lifting equipment. We have been stocking their easy-to-use, interchangeable Spreader Beams, and we are pleased to share that we now have CMOD Spreader Frames in stock!

Here are few key things to keep in mind when considering CMOD Spreader Frames:

  1. Modulift’s CMODs are designed to work with existing struts from the Spreader Beam Range.
  2. Spreader Frames are recommended for loads that have more than two lifting points; they can also be the ideal lifting equipment for when headroom is limited.
  3. Sizes available include: CMOD 6, CMOD 12, CMOD 24, CMOD 34, CMOD 50, CMOD 70, CMOD 110 and CMOD 250.
  4. T-Pieces are available to work in conjunction with the CMOD. This allows the frame to be a 6-Point lift (8-point, 10-point, etc.).
Modulift CMOD

CMOD Spreader Frame Benefits include:

  • More cost effective and easier to transport than a fixed system
  • Easy to set up, handle and maneuver
  • Re-configure the frame to any size to allow for multiple uses.

View pages 7-9 of Modulift’s Brochure brochure for additional details on CMODs as well as the Load vs. Span Charts.

Contact us with additional question or to Get A Quote on CMODs today!

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