Product Spotlight: Green Pin Tycan Chain

Green Pin Tycan® Chain welcomes a new era of safer lifting with the power of Dyneema® fiber chain slings.

What is Green Pin Tycan® Chain?

Green Pin Tycan® is a must-have alternative to steel chain slings. Made from Dyneema®, it is a synthetic chain sling that offers the strength of steel while remaining “feather light” and soft to touch. Tycan® Chain is eight times lighter than steel, yet just as strong. Its light weight allows companies to achieve a safer working environment for their crew and become more efficient on the job site.

Tycan Chain holding a beam

Key Features:

  • Soft & Light
  • Strong Dyneema® Fiber
  • Environmentally friendlier than steel chain
  • Waterproof
  • Very resistant to chemicals, grease, dirt, salt, and low temps
  • Quiet, reduced risk of hearing damage and noise pollution

Don’t hesitate when making the switch to Green Pin Tycan® Chain. It’s lightweight and proven improvements in efficiency are enough to trade out steel chains for synthetic chain made with the world’s strongest man-made Dyneema® fiber. Watch the video below to learn more: