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30 Years of Quality Lifting Products

Founded in 1992, Ashley Sling has been serving Atlanta, Charlotte, Knoxville, Columbus, and beyond for over 30 years. Ashley Sling is a proud leader in the wire rope and rigging industry and a division of American Equipment. Our primary mission is to provide customers with the highest quality lifting products and services. We continuously deliver on that promise and surpass industry standards with our fabricated lifting products and rigging products.

Our Products

We Manufacture And Distribute Reliable Lifting & Rigging Solutions

Quality wire rope, alloy chain, web, roundslings and more slings at each of our facilities.

Harnesses, hats, gloves & more to ensure the safety of you and your team.

Strong and most durable synthetic ropes for versatile rigging applications.

Large stock of metric, galvanized, rotation resistant and more wire rope options.

Top of the line sling protection products to protect against cuts and abrasion.

Best quality Ironworker’s Tools such as wrenches, pins, pliers, holders and more.

Modular spreader beams and more of the strongest, most reliable lifting devices.

Blocks & Sheaves from top brands The Crosby Group, Gunnebo, & Rope Block.

Variety of straps, winches, winch bars, logistic tracks & bars.

We partner with brands that promise quality hardware to match our quality rigging.

Quality manual and electric hoist options from top brands.

Our Services

Top Rigging Services

Ashley Sling’s 1.8 million pound test machine and 6 additional testing machines allow for quick and efficient load testing.

Our inspection team conducts a hands-on inspection to determine whether your slings are in acceptable working condition.

To assist customers with their risk management programs, we offer a variety of training opportunities in-house or on your job site.

Need a Rigging Estimate? Request A Quote!

Need A Rigging Estimate?

A Quote!

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