Work Anniversaries: 2021

work anniversaries 2021

Thank you to all of our employees for another successful year! We are proud of all the hard work our team has put in. We are also proud to have so many employees achieve work anniversary milestones this year. Join us in congratulating them for all of their hard work and dedication throughout their years at Ashley Sling!

Celebrating 25 Years

Alan Ferguson
Alan Ferguson | Atlanta, GA

Celebrating 20 Years

Randal Pitts
Randall Pitts | Atlanta, GA
Edd Mabe | Knoxville, TN
Bobby Lane
Bobby Lane | Atlanta, GA
Scotty Higgins
Scotty Higgins | Knoxville, TN
Tim Hartsell
Tim Hartsell | Charlotte, NC
Randal Varner | Knoxville, TN
Sam Socolow | Atlanta, GA

Not Pictured:
Patrick Massey (Charlotte, NC)

Celebrating 15 Years

Stephanie Ware
Stephanie Ware | Atlanta, GA
Maxi Thao
Maxi Thao | Charlotte, NC
Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips | Columbus, MS
Joe Brasington
Joe Brasington | Columbus, MS
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell | Atlanta, GA

Celebrating 10 Years

TJ Hornsby
TJ Hornsby | Atlanta, GA
Contrese Ware | Atlanta, GA
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