Top Rigging Safety Products

Hands Free Safety Tools

Safety products play a critical role in day-to-day rigging operations. It is a top-priority to keep all employees as safe and free from injury as possible. Along with all of our slings and lifting products, we have made sure to offer high quality safety products to our customers. Check out the list below of some of the Top Rigging Safety Products that we offer.

Lift Safety Hard Hats & Gloves

Head and hand protection are two of the most basic must-haves on the job site. Lift Safety’s hard hats and gloves have a variety of available looks while offering comfortable protection. We offer a variety of full brim or short brim hats as well as carbon fiber hats depending on your preferences. The variety of gloves have great options to choose from depending on your line of work.

Lift Safety Products

Hands Free Safety Tools

We are excited to offer the innovative Hands Free Safety Tools products. Both their ShoveIt® and SnareItTM were designed with the goal to allow workers to keep a safe distance from danger zones by substituting their tools instead of your hand placement. ShoveIt®’s design has three v-head insert options, a variety of lengths, and hand-grip options to choose from depending on your need. Both products allow you to take a hands-off approach while safely maneuvering the load.

Ultra-Safe’s Web Retractable Y-Lanyard

Finding a reliable retractable Y-Lanyard can be tricky. Thankfully, Ultra-Safe’s Web Retractable Y-Lanyards are a great choice. These lanyards are manufactured in Germany and are available with Large Aluminum Hooks or with Aluminum Double Locking Snap Hooks. They are approved for leading edge and below foot level drops.

Web Retractable Y Lanyard

Hi-Vis Gear

Like hard hats and gloves, high-visibility safety gear is another must-have on job sites. It’s essential to stay seen and safe on the job site. We offer a variety of hi-vis apparel including vests, jackets, rain gear, and more.

JUNKIN Safety Stretchers

Stretchers are an important safety item on any job site, and JUNKIN Safety Stretchers are a high quality option. We offer a Lightweight Basket Type Stretcher in addition to a Plastic Stretcher. Additionally, we have the necessary items needed for the stretchers including the Stretcher Bridle Sling and Vinyl Storage Cover. It’s important to have all these items on hand in case of emergency.

There are a multitude of Fall Protection & Safety Products that can be used on a job site, and these are just a few of the top safety products we recommend. If you don’t already have Safety Products & Fall Protection as a priority, we recommend you start right away. Reference our article, “The Importance of Fall Protection,” for more information about the significance and requirements of safety products.

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