Top 5 Reason to Use Sling Protection

sling armor sleeves

Sling protection products have become a vital part of every-day rigging. Why has it become so popular? Because when you decide to use sling protection, you’re protecting more than just your rigging – you are protecting your overall investment in your project. We’ve outlined a few key reasons why you should add or continue using sling protector products.

Aid to Longer Sling Life

One of the most obvious reasons to use sling protection is its ability to aid to a longer sling life. Protector sleeves or pads, like our TUFF-ASH® products, help the sling stay in acceptable working condition for longer periods of time. By adding sling protection to your slings and using these slings longer, you actually save money in the long run.

Prevent Abrasion & Cutting

Sling protection products are created with the goal to prevent damage to your sling, such as abrasion and cutting. While no product is cut-proof, we’ve come pretty close! TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® is made from Dyneema®, which is the world’s strongest fiber. Sling Armor® is lightweight, conforms to loads, and offers cut resistance that’s unprecedented in sling protection products. You can learn more about his from one of our customers real experiences.

Sling Armor sling protection product
Sling Armor lifting metal coil.

Protect the Load

While it is important to protect the sling from damages, it is equally as important to protect the load you’re lifting. Protector sleeves or edge lifters are a simple way to keep your delicate load from any damages.

Keep Riggers Safe

Without sling protection, riggers are more at risk for personal injury or even death. Cutting is a major cause of sling failure for synthetic slings. By conducting regular rigging inspections and adding sling protectors, you can help prevent sling failure and keep your riggers safe.

Easy to Use!

We make sling protectors as easy to use as possible! You can choose the slide on type or decide to use the “Quick Attach” option that is available with many of our products. The Quick-Attach sleeves use a heavy duty velcro material, so you are able to attach and remove the sling protection product as needed. We also offer products that can be sewn onto the sling to provide protection.

Sling protection products have become essential, and for good reason. When you use sling protection, you’re protecting the sling, the load, and, most importantly, your employees. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your investment. Get a quote today on our TUFF-ASH® products.

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