Tie-Down Quick Reference Guide

Tie-Down Quick Reference Guide

The tie-down quick reference chart (right) serves as a guide for the minimum number of Kinedyne® Tie-Downs required to secure an article against movement based on D.O.T. Weight Only requirements. Meets CSVA guidelines.

EXAMPLE: For Cargo weighing 40,000lbs, you will need to use a minimum of six 2″ straps with WLL of 3,335lbs, or five 3″ straps with WLL of 4,000lbs, or four 3″ or 4″ straps with a WLL of 5,000lbs or 5,400lbs. Refer to industry, local, state, and federal regulations for additional details.

tie down quick reference guide

D.O.T. requirements and C.V.S.A. guidelines state the aggregate static working load limit (WLL) of the tie-down assemblies used to secure an article against movement in any direction must be at least 1/2 (.5) times the weight of the article. Additional tie-down assemblies may be required to meet other industry, local, state, and federal regulations.
Warning: Do not exceed Working Load Limits.

Binder Chain Specifications

This chart indicates the minimum number of chains required to secure loads in the forward direction (0.8g deceleration)* per Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration, DOT Regulations; per 49CFR, Part 393 – Paragraph 393.102.

binder chains

*Refer to 49CFR, Parts 392 and 393, for North American Standard for Protection Against Falling and Shifting Cargo for complete regulations.
Warning: This chart is for reference only. All state and federal regulations should be verified.

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The charts above were referenced from the original manufacturers. Refer to the manufacturer warnings & information before using products.

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