The Power of Dyneema

power of dyneema

Dyneema is a powerful, lightweight fiber that’s revolutionizing lifting products. Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber. Not only is it strong, but it is lightweight and flexible. When you use a fabric like Dyneema on a lifting product, it saves so much time and energy. We’ve utilized Dyneema across multiple products, whether it be a lifting sling or sling protection product.

Amsteel Blue Slings (AAB)

AmSteel Blue Lifting Slings are a strong, light weight replacement for wire rope slings. The photo shows the Amsteel-Blue Lifting Slings lifting a 300,000 pound transformer. The Amsteel-Blue Grommet Slings have a 2 ½ inch diameter, and Tuff-Ash® Sling Armor® sling protection sleeves.

Panther Recovery Slings

Samson Rope’s Panther is a lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch recovery recovery sling designed to be reliable and safe for your utility and vehicle recovery operations. The 12-strand multiple grommet strength member is made of 100% Dyneema® fiber, with chafe protection that provides Panther with the appearance and ease of handling of a single leg recover sling, while providing superior abrasion resistance.

GP Tycan Chain

Green Pin Tycan® Chain, made from Dyneema® fiber, is up to eight times lighter than steel – yet just as strong. Green Pin Tycan® combines the almost paradoxical characteristics of being feather light and soft to the touch, while providing the strength of steel. This makes it the first chain that offers both safety and efficiency.

Tuff-Ash® Sling Armor®

The SA Sling Armor Sleeve is made with the finest Dyneema tubing available. The sleeve is extremely flexible and will conform to most loads. Although no material is cut proof, Sling Armor offers excellent resistance to sharp edges and outstanding abrasion resistance. The strong and durable sleeve enable end users to take advantage of the benefits that textile slings can provide while ensuring significant improvement in safety of their lifting apparatus.

Because of its strength and weight, Dyneema has become increasingly popular among lifting and recovery products. Contact us for a quote on any of our products!  

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