Spotlight on Utility & Recovery Rope Slings

Slings made from synthetic rope offer great versatility. They are strong and durable, while remaining light and easy to use. In addition to distributing a wide variety of Samson Rope (3-Strand Construction, Double Braid Rope, and 12 Strand Rope), we also fabricate Utility Rope Slings and Recovery Rope Slings.

Utility Rope Slings

Our utility rope slings are primarily used when lifting and moving transformers. We have three different Utility Rope Slings we most commonly fabricate.

Our Adjustable Transformer Slings are available with Single and Double eyes and are made using Samson Rope’s Tenex-TEC. The Single Adjustable Transformer Sling has a permanent eye splice at one end and an adjustable eye at the other end, which allows it to adapt to loads of various sizes. The Double Adjustable Transformer Sling has two adjustable eyes. The adjustment allows snug lifting control and minimizes the number of fixed leg slings required.

The other available Utility Rope Sling is our Bushing Slings. Bushing Slings are used in the installation and removal of transformer bushings. It is a basket style and made with double braid polyester rope.

Bushing Sling in use
Bushing Sling

Recovery Rope Sling

We fabricate reliable recovery rope slings that allow for effective utility and vehicle recovery operations. The two recovery ropes we offer include Mule Recovery Rope and Panther Recovery Sling.

The Mule Recovery Rope is available in Samson Rope Stable Braid, Amsteel II and Amsteel II Plus. It’s high quality rope and the detailed fabrication process makes Mule Rope a reliable, strong choice for recovery options. The Panther™ Recovery Sling made by Samson Rope is a lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch recovery sling designed to be reliable and safe for utility and vehicle recovery options. It is abrasion resistant, reduced recoil risk with HMPE cover, lightweight and flexible.

Samson Panther Reovery
Panther Recovery Sling by Samson Rope

All of our Utility Rope Slings and Recovery Rope Slings are made using Samson Rope. We choose quality rope to fabricate our slings so that our customers will have reliable rigging options. Fill out our Get a Quote form to get more information on slings and other rigging equipment that you may need.

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