Spotlight on the KENCO Barrier Lift

Kenco Barrier Lift

We are happy to offer a top-selling barrier lift to our customers. The KENCO Barrier Lift is high quality and a simple solution to placing jersey walls. Jersey walls are the modular concrete barriers that separate lanes of traffic, and they can be used to protect construction sites from traffic as well. Jersey walls can be challenging to move around and place in their proper location, but KENCO Barrier Lifts can help.

KENCO Barrier Lifts have a scissor action that allows the operator to unload a wall directly from their truck and set into position. Its easy-to-use design includes fully automatic grab and release for hands-free barrier placement. It also features handles on both sides to allow personnel to safely guide the lifter in position. You can see all of its helpful components in the image below.

Barrier Lift Identification

Ashley Sling stocks two sizes of the KENCO Barrier lifts:

  • KL9000 Barrier Lift:
    • 6 to 12 inch grip range
    • Handle 10 to 16 foot jersey wall easily
    • 9,000 pound capacity
    • WEAR items: Medium Actuator & two 6” x 24” pads
  • KL12000 Barrier Lift:
    • 6 to 12 inch grip range
    • Handle 16 to 20 foot lengths of jersey wall easily
    • 12,000 pound capacity
    • WEAR items: Large Actuator & two 6” x 36” pads

We are excited to offer these USA-made barrier lifts. KENCO is a top-notch option that you will definitely want to try! If you’re interested in learning more or receiving a quote on a KENCO Barrier Lift, fill out our Get A Quote Form or contact your closest Ashley Sling location.

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