TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® Outperforms

Sling Armor - Tuff-Ash Sling Protection product

Sling Armor® takes sling protection to greater heights with high performance Dyneema® sleeves. Sling Armor® is designed for use with round slings, web slings, and synthetic slings, and is manufactured from the finest Dyneema® fiber.

  • Exceptional Resistance to Cutting & Abrasion: Excellent resistance to sharp edges by protecting load-bearing slings from edges, corners & abrasive surfaces.
  • Quality Tested: Sling Armor® is the ultimate sling protection proven through testing on our 1.8 million pound test machine.
  • Extreme Flexibility: The sleeve’s lightweight material offers exceptional flexibility, which is crucial for handling large and delicate rigging loads.

The Power of Dyneema

Dyneema® is used by some of the largest crane and construction companies in the world on a daily basis. It’s 7 times lighter than steel at the same strength and diameter.

Although no material is cut proof, Dyneema® offers a level of cut protection that is unprecedented in sling protection textile products. In fact, it has 30% higher tenacity than fibers used on other brand’s similar sling protection products.

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