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Thank you for your interest in the Samson CLASSROOM. CLASSROOM is an online educational hub. During these courses, riggers will have the opportunity to learn more about their desired synthetic rope solutions while also training in a safe way during these unique times. Samson’s online training tools focus on the utility industry as well as splicing instructions.

How To Sign Up:

  1. Visit Samson’s CLASSROOM: https://samsonclassroom.learnupon.com/store
  2. Select the classroom you need and “Add to Cart.” For our customers, we have a discount code for the Classroom for Utility Course Bundle as well as various splice certification courses.
  3. At check out, use the code ASHLEY2021 for $25 off. Courses range from $125 -$150 before the discount.
  4. Start learning!

Use Code ASHLEY2021 for $25 Off

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About Samson Classroom Courses:

With today’s working environments, which include social distancing, Samson’s CLASSROOM provides a new way of learning while avoiding in-person training. The courses keep personnel informed of best practices in using the tools of the trade. The Classrooms and Splice Certification courses are available 24 hours a day and are organized into modules. Within each module, there will also be a quiz to test your knowledge along the way. Additionally, learners will receive certificates upon completion of each course. The courses range in price from $125 – $150. Samson’s CLASSROOM sends automatic renewal notifications when a learner’s class is set to expire.

Samson utility ropes
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