Rigging Repairs & More Services

In addition to fabricating slings and distributing various rigging products, we offer quality services. We strive to be a one-stop rigging shop, and our services help achieve that with Rigger Trainings, Load Testing, Rigging Inspections, and Repair Services. 

Quality Training

We provide in-house or on-site training seminars. These training sessions help support customers with their risk management programs by assisting in teaching their employees and crews about rigging essentials and safety. Training topics include inspection & tagging requirements, basic rigging principles, the rigging plan, load angles & hitches, fall protection, and more.

We offer seminars from 30 minutes on-site to 8 hours of qualified rigger preparation training. Our team will be happy to discuss training options and availability.

Load Testing

Proof load testing is a controlled test used on various types of rigging to verify there are no deficiencies in the manufacturing process or components. Ashley Sling has 7 test machines, including the 1,800,000lb “Iron Mule” test machine. We unpack more about proof load testing in the blog post “Why Proof Load Test & What Is It?”

Test bed
The "Iron Mule" Test Bed

Rigging Inspections

Our qualified Rigging Inspection Team conducts hands-on inspections to determine whether slings are in acceptable working condition. Rigging inspections are an essential part of safety in addition to an OSHA requirement. Our Rigging inspections can be conducted in-house or on-site, and they are conducted using OSHA & ASME standards as they may apply.

Following the inspection, you will be provided with an itemized list of your inspection that determines whether your slings are in acceptable working condition or need repair or replacement.

Repair Services

Each of our branches offer repair services for certain types of slings. Customers can send in their slings to the nearest Ashley Sling location, where our team carefully inspects the rigging and determines whether or not it is repairable.

Once repairs are completed, they are tested to ensure the product is safe and meets all applicable standards before being returned to customer. If any product is deemed unrepairable, it must remain removed from service. Our team can discuss the best options for replacing your product.

If you’re interested in any of our services or placing an order, you can contact any of our locations or fill out the get a quote form today.

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