Rigging Brands We Trust

Whether choosing the right hardware for a sling or deciding on a lifting device for an application, Ashley Sling partners with trusted brands to bring the highest quality lifting products to our customers. We not only fabricate slings in each of our facilities, but we distribute products from top-tier brands so that our customers will be equipped with the best rigging equipment. Learn more about some of the brands we have chosen to work with.

The crosby Group

The Crosby Group has numerous brands of trusted products. Whether it’s quality rigging hardware (hooks, shackles, swivels, turnbuckles, and more), lifting clamps, blocks, sheaves, and more, their products are quality-made and dependable.

Columbus McKinnon (CM)

Columbus McKinnon is a “leader in intelligent motion solutions.” Columbus McKinnon provides a wide variety of rigging products, such as hooks, shackles, chains, hoists, and more. Their lifting products are always reliable.


Caldwell provides a wide range of lifting solutions. We utilize Caldwell mostly for their lifting beams and devices. Caldwell beams are durable, strong and a great choice for many applications.

Harrington Hoists

Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides high quality hoist and other lifting solutions. We offer our customers Manual Hoists, Electric Hoists, and Air Hoists that are manufactured by Harrington.

Electric Hoists

Industrial Magnetics

Industrial Magnetics engineers and manufactures magnetic equipment. We are proud to offer a variety of their lifting magnets to our customers.


Kinedyne is our choice when it comes to cargo securement. The majority of the Flatbed and Interior Van tie down equipment you will find on our website is from Kinedyne.

Klein Tools

Klein Tools provides Ironworker’s tools that enable the “highest levels of performance and safety.” Whether you need wrenches, pliers, tire wire reel products, tool holders and more – we provide quality tools from Klein.

Lift Safety Gear

Lift Safety is an innovative brand for safety products and personal protective equipment. Lift Safety not only focuses on the safety of their products, but they are functional, quality-made, and designed with style. We offer a variety of Lift Safety’s Hard Hats and Gloves.


Modulift is a premium supplier of Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams, Spreader Frames & other below the hook heavy lifting equipment. Modulift is a versatile and cost-effective option due to its modular configuration and interchangeable components.

Modulift lifting beams

Safe Approach

Safe Approach fabricates products relating to all facets of fall protection. We offer a variety of Safe Approach products, including the Self-Retracting Lifelines.


Samson Rope provides the strongest and most durable synthetic ropes for versatile rigging applications. We distribute 3-Strand Construction Rope, Double Braid Rope, 12-Strand Rope, and Recovery Rope Slings. Additionally, we fabricate a variety of slings, such as Utility Rope Slings, using Samson Rope.


We stock a large inventory of Superlift Wire Rope. Superlift is quality rope that is ready for use on cranes or to be fabricated into your next wire rope sling.


As a company, 3M offers a wide range of products. We stock a variety of 3M Fall Protection products. DBI-Sala Harnesses are high-quality options to keep your crew safe, and the 3M Protecta Rebel Self-Retracting Lifeline is a trustworthy option as well.


Ultra-Safe offers reliable fall protection solutions. Whether harnesses or retractable lanyards, they have great options. Ultra-Safe’s Web Retractable Y-Lanyard is approved for Leading Edge and below foot level drops.

Web Retractable Y Lanyard

WireCo World Group

WireCo creates “premium ropes that inspire innovation without limits.”

Wire Rope Industries (WRI)

WRI is a Bridon-Bekaert brand. WRI is a wire rope manufacturer that provides ropes with “improved fatigue life, increased strength, shock and abrasion resistance, and more. 

We are thankful for these great brands who work with us every day. We are continuing to evolve and expand our list of products and brands we work with so that our customers always receive the highest quality rigging products. If you’re interested in a quote for any of these products, we are happy to help. Contact any of our locations, or use the Get A Quote form today!

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