Real Results with Sling Armor®

sling armor in use

It has been over a year since we first introduced TUFF-ASH Sling Armor® to our customers. During that time, the popular sling protection sleeve has proven its exceptional flexibility and resistance to sharp edges. We have a real customer experience that showcases Sling Armor’s resilience against tough loads.

This customer made the switch to Sling Armor® to add extra protection to their slings. They are lifting metal coils constantly throughout their day-to-day work. They ordered a Web Sling with a TUFF-ASH Body Wrap in addition to the sleeve to lift the metal coils. Below you can see Sling Armor in action (left) and the sleeve during our inspection one year later (right).

Sling Armor® lifting metal coils
August 2019: TUFF-ASH Sling Armor® was used when lifting metal coils daily.
Inspection of Sling Armor® sleeves
July 2020: Inspection of Sling Armor® after almost one year of use. No damage was found.

Upon inspection, there was no sign of damage. The sleeve did have minor abrasion, but it did not impact the sleeve or come close to cutting. These sleeves are still in use after a year of lifting metal coils daily.

TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® is designed for use with roundslings, web slings, and synthetic ropes. The sleeve is made from the finest Dyneema tubing, offers extreme flexibility, and provides resistance to sharp edges. It is available in 5 different sizes (3”, 4”, 5”, 8” and 10”).

Through customer experience, Sling Armor® has shown its ability to withstand abrasion from the metal coils and proven itself as a top sling protection choice. We’d love to hear about your experience with TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® through our contact form. If you’re interested in making the switch, get a Quote from us today.

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