Ultra Safe Web Retractable Lanyard with Swivel Carabiner

Web Retractable Lanyards with Swivel Top and Carabiner with 3600lb Gate Hook

  • New & Improved Inset Tagging System
  • Much longer life
  • Uses Dyneema webbing

ASI Part NumberUltra Safe Part NumberWebbingLength
7000-10340US-HPS8**3/4" Dyneema Webbing8'
7000-13500US-HPS11**1" Dyneema Webbing11'
7000-10360US-HPS201" Dyneema Webbing20'
7000-10370US-HPS301" Dyneema Webbing40'

** Meets ANSI 2359.14-2014 Sharp Leading Edge Class A (SLE).

Note: US-HPS8 & US-HPS11 max arrest force 900lbs. These only have 24″ pullout, but are all (SLE). Great for lower level contact issues.

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