Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex Harness

Ultra-Safe Pillow-Flex Harness

Pillow Flex Harnesses have different options available with D-ring only, positioning type, climbing type, and iron workers type work harnesses.

D-ring center back only:

  • PF-96305N (Small-Large)
  • PF-96306N (X-Large)

Positioning Type – D-ring center back and on each hip:

  • PF-96305 (Small-Large)
  • PF-96306 (X-Large)

Climbing Type – D-ring center back, front and hips, tongue buckle connections:

  • PF-96305FT (Small-Large)
  • PF-96306FT (X-Large)

Iron Workers Type – Back pad and tool belt, tongue-buckle connections:

  • PF-96305PT (Small-Large)
  • PF-96306PT (X-Large)
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