Tailgrip Open Wedge Sockets with pin

Tailgrip Open Wedge Sockets with pin

Ropeblock’s Tailgrip Open Wedge Sockets with pin:
Fast detachable socket range for wire rope diameter 7 – 86 mm ( 5/16? – 3 3/8” ). Basket and wedge in quenched and tempered cast steel. Wedge and basket are designed for easy installation and optimal wire rope efficiency and with the added benefit to terminate the tail to the wedge itself.

Our standard socket range is available in quenched and tempered cast steel with mechanical properties meeting today’s tough market requirements. All our sockets are suitable for usage in a sub-zero temperature environment. Materials meet or exceed an impact value of > 42 Joule / -20°C Charpy-V. The Ropeblock socket is marked with size, wire rope diameter and batch or serial number. All parts are fully traceable to their certificate by batch or serial number marked on each component.

Ropeblock sockets are subject to the most stringent surface and volumetric NDT procedures, excluding any risk for production flaws. These procedures are accepted by all large third party authorities. Sockets can be proof loaded in accordance with the Ropeblock testing program, this implies testing up to 40% of the MBL of the socket. Higher proof loads are available upon request. In-house access to a vertical socket test bed, as well as a horizontal general purpose test bed is available to ensure fast reaction time. Custom designed testing tools have been developed to test all elements, including the basket.

All Wedge, Spelter and Fast and Super reeve Connector Sockets are finished with a Ropeblock-blue primer, or a hot dip galvanized finish


Ropeblock’s Tailgrip Open Wedge Sockets with pin>>

Special requirements
Our engineers are ready to work on any special requirements you may have. Advanced 3D CAD and Finite Element Method (FEM) techniques decrease the time-to-market of new innovative socket designs. These designs include, but are not limited to, different materials (e.g. stainless steel), advanced features (e.g. swivel socket), aesthetic designs (e.g. for bridge work). For more details contact us directly

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