Steel Shell Snatch Block

Steel Shell Snatch Block

Sea Link’s Steel Shell Snatch Blocks is a wire rope snatch block offered in sizes ranging from 3-22 US Ton Capacity and are available with a number of different top fitting options.

  • Design Factor of Safety of 4:1
  • Specify when ordering the type of model code: SL415B-10SS (with Swivel Shackle) – SL415R-10SH (with Swivel Hook) – SL415R-10TDE (Tailboard)
  • Specify when ordering code type of bearing: SL415B-10S (Bronze Bushing) – SL415R-10SS (Rollers Bearing)
  • Products are manufactured under the Standard ASME B30.26
  • All accessories are forged
  • Hook and shackle assemblies can be interchanged
  • Iron sheaves, lubricated bronze bushings
  • The dimensions in the tables are indicative only
  • Blocks shown are standard models

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