TUFF-ASH®: SA – Sling Armor® Sleeve

TUFF-ASH®: SA – Sling Armor® Sleeve

A TUFF-ASH® Sling Protection Product that is designed for use with round slings, web slings, or synthetic rope slings. The SA Sleeve is made with the finest Dyneema® tubing available. The sleeve is extremely flexible and will conform to most loads.

Although no material is cut proof, Sling Armor® offers excellent resistance to sharp edges and outstanding abrasion resistance. The strong and durable sleeves enable end users to take advantage of the benefits that textile slings can provide while ensuring significant improvements in safety of their lifting apparatus.

  • Resistance to Cutting & Flexible: Sling Armor® provides excellent resistance to sharp edges. It offers exceptional flexibility which is crucial for handling large and delicate rigging loads
  • Safe & Cost Effective: Its lightweight, tough material prevents high-value goods damage and injuries, making slings and employees safer.
  • Made with Dyneema®: Dyneema® has 30% higher tenacity than generic fibers used on other brand’s sling protection. Its the world’s strongest fiber and is 7 times lighter than steel at the same strength and diameter.
  • Identification & Wear Indicators: Two “gold” lines identify the Sling Armor® Sleeve, and the wear indicator yarns are featured on the internal surface of the sleeve

Refer to TUFF-ASH inspection, removal criteria and operating practices>>


SizePart NumberInside Flat WidthOutside Flat Width
3"200-272003.54 INCH3.93 INCH
4"200-273004.53 INCH4.92 INCH
5"200-274005.70 INCH6.10 INCH
8"200-277008.66 INCH9.05 INCH
10"200-2790010.82 INCH11.22 INCH

Note: Sleeves are sold by the foot.

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