Round Overhaul Ball

The weight of the overhaul balls in this segment are based on average boom lengths and efficiency loss in mobile and crawler cranes. The low friction and easy to access hook swivel design makes the OHB series an excellent choice for a wide variety of crane applications.

  • Top swiveling stud-eye
  • Design Factor of Safety of 4:1
  • High quality, low friction thrust bearing
  • Becket size optimized for Ropeblock Sockets such as Open Wedge (OWS), Open Spelter Sockets (OSS), Fast Connector Sockets (FCS) or Super Reeve Connector Sockets (SCS)
  • Forged alloy steel eye hooks
  • Body made of forged bar material
  • Impact resistant ductile body
  • Operational temperature range: -40 up to +80°C / -40 up to +176°F
  • C3M finish, signal yellow
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