Samson Rope Panther™ Recovery Sling

Samson Rope Panther™ Recovery Sling

Samson Rope’s Panther™ is a lightweight, high-strength, low-stretch recovery sling designed to be reliable and safe for your utility and vehicle recovery operations. The 12-strand multiple grommet strength member is made of 100% Dyneema® fiber, with chafe protection that provides the Panther with the appearance and ease of handling of a single leg recovery sling, while providing superior abrasion resistance.

At a fraction of the weight of wire, chain, or Kevlar®, Panther radically reduces manpower requirements and safety hazards.

Features & Benefits:

  • Abrasion resistant and durable
  • Reduced recoil risk with HMPE cover
  • Light weight with faster change-outs
  • Flexible

Technical Specifications for Panther™ Recovery Sling:
Fiber: HMPE / HMPE
Color: Pink
Construction: Class II Core-Dependent Double Braid

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Average Strength* (tons)Minimum Strength* (tons)Nominal Eye Size (inches)Overall Length (feet)Unit Weight (pounds)
22 t20 t12"20ft
6.3 lb
10.1 lb
14.9 lb
33 t30 t12"20ft
8.4 lb
13.5 lb
19.9 lb
61 t54 t12"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
13.7 lb
22.1 lb
32.6 lb
127 t114 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
25.5 lb
40.9 lb
57.6 lb
166 t149 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
32.7 lb
51.7 lb
69.5 lb
221 t198 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
47.2 lb
73.8 lb
104 lb
287 t258 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
56.7 lb
89.5 lb
131 lb
347 t312 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
72.6 lb
114 lb
166 lb
458 t412 t18"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
95.6 lb
149 lb
216 lb
770 t693 t24"20 ft
33 ft
50 ft
159 lb
243 lb
347 lb

* Panther lengths/strengths listed in the table above are standard product offerings. Other lengths require additional lead time.

Due to continued research and development of product performance, the specifications listed herein are subject to change. For most current sizes, weights, and strengths, go to SamsonRope.com.

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