Load Binders

Load Binders

Crosby LEBUS L-140 Standard Ratchet Type Load Binders:

  • Upgraded for use with Grades 70, 80 and 100 Chain.
  • Utilizes standard Crosby A-323 Alloy Eye Grab Hooks.
  • New design one piece forged handle.
  • Continuous take-up feature provides finite adjustment to tie down load.
  • One piece assembly, no bolts or nuts to loosen.
  • Ratchet spring is rust proofed.
  • All load bearing or holding parts forged.
  • Easy operating positive ratchet.
  • Binders shown with Proof Loads have been individually proof tested to values shown, prior to shipment.
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of US DOT FMCSA Part 393 Subpart I.
  • Matches the Working Load Limit of Grade 100 chain except for 5/8” size.
  • Instructions & Maintenance:
    • Position ratchet binder so it can be operated from the ground.
    • Make sure your footing is secure.
    • Routinely check load binders for wear, bending, cracks, nicks or gouges. If visual wear bending or cracks are present – do not use load binder.
    • Routinely lubricate pivot and swivel points of Lever Binders, and pawl part and screw threads of Ratchet Binders to extend product lift and reduce friction wear.

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Crosby L-140 Standard Ratchet Type

ModelStock No.Min - Max Chain Size (in)Working Load Limit (lb)Proof Load (lb)Weight Each (lb)Handle Length (in)Barrel Length (in)Take Up (in)Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):
Dimensions (in):G
R-710484045/16 - 3/88,80017,60012.1114108.014.001.382.7522.9430.9425.1333.13.50
R-A10484223/8 - 1/215,00030,00014.7014108.014.001.382.7525.2533.2527.6335.63.63
R-C10484401/2 - 5/816,00032,00014.5514108.014.001.382.7526.3834.3829.4437.44.72

3 to 1 Design Factor

WARNING: Failure to use this load binder properly may result in serious injury or even death to you or others. Do not operate load binder while standing on the load. You must be familiar with state and federal regulations regarding size and number of chain systems required for securing loads on trucks.

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