Lincoln Hoist® Standard Series Cable Ratchet Winch Hoist

For over 60 years these hoists have set the standard for cable ratchet winch hoists. The Standard Series feature models from 1000 to 6000 lb capacity.

  • Oiled for life bearings
  • Highly flexible aircraft cable
  • Reversible handle bends on overload
  • Hydraulically crimped copper sleeve for more uniform hold
  • Cable shield protects cable and promotes even winding
  • Interlocking pawl system
  • USA forged steel hooks

Model LK 3000-10 shown


Model #Cable Dia.Handle Length InchesSingle Line: Capacity (LBS)Single Line: Capacity (Tons)Single Line: Lifting Dist. (ft)Single Line: Min. Hook to Hook (in)Double Line: Capacity (LBS)Double Line: Capacity (Tons)Double Line: Lifting Dist. (ft)Double Lind: Min. Hook to Hook (in)Hoist Weight (bls)
LH 1000-153/1617-1/210001/21518----7
LH 1500-255/32157503/8252015003/412-1/2238-1/2
LH 2250-153/1617-1/211259/16152022501-1/87-1/2238-3/4
LH 2250-203/162211259/16202022501-1/810239-1/4
LH 2250-3/83/162211259/16382222501-1/8192913-3/4
LH 3000-107/322015003/4102030001-1/25239
LH 3000-307/322515003/4302230001-1/2152913-3/4
LH 4000-201/43020001202240002102915-1/2
LH 6000-155/1636/5530001-1/21526-1/2600037-1/23434
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