High Capacity End Cap Spreader Beam

Model HC-BEF High Capacity End Cap Spreader Beam is the same end fittings that build our high capacity spreader beams and available as end fittings only.

  • Build your own spreader beam
  • Fittings only are available in 2-3 business days
  • Pivoting lower lugs allow for 75º to 90º lower rigging angle

Complies with ASME standards when assembled to specifications using designated pipe and rigging


Model NumberMax. Capacity (tons)*Schedule 80:
Pipe Size (in)
Schedule 80:
Wall Thickness (in)

*System capacity is determined by span, rigging and hardware. Consult factor for complete details.


The Model HC-BEF is designed to use A53 Grade B, schedule 80 pipe as the central structural element between the end fittings. This structural material is readily available at most steel service centers. See the above chart for the nominal A53 Grade B, schedule 80 pipe size required.

Other requirements are:
• The length of pipe used for this central element must be straight within 1/4″ end to end.
• The pipe should have the ends cleanly cut square with its center line.
• The A53 Grade B, schedule 40 pipe should not have any weld joint irregularities.
• Each end of the A53 Grade B, schedule 40 pipe must have the correct diameter holes drilled through both
walls and both ends must be in line.
• The A53 Grade B, schedule 40 pipe used in this application does not need to pass any pres-sure testing.

Assembly pins are provided with the end fittings. The pins provided are only to be used to fasten the High Capacity Beam End Fitting (HC-BEF) to the properly sized A53 Grade B, schedule 80 pipe.

NOTE: Complete assembly instructions are provided with each set of end fittings.

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