Gunnebo Sling Hook Latch Kits (GK / GKN)

Gunnebo Sling Hook Latch Kits (GK / GKN)

Gunnebo GK / GKN Sling Hook Latch Kits
Replacement latch kits for Gunnebo GK and GKN sling hooks

Parts included (each one):

  • Latch
  • Stainless Steel Latch Spring
  • Rivet

Warnings & Additional Information:
Refer to the Manufacturer Warnings and Instructions before attempting to use any product.
Product Warnings >>
Gunnebo Industries Classic Fittings Warning (pages 26-36)>>


Stock NumberModelHook SizeWeight (lbs)
545960RD GKN-7/89/32.1
545961RD GKN-103/8.2
545962RD GKN-131/2.3
545963RD GKN-165/8.4
589451RD GKN-18/203/4.6
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