GripStick Retriever Magnet

GripStick Retriever Magnet

The GripStick Retriever is a lightweight magnetic hand tool to assist you in applications where you don’t want to use your hands to pickup hot or oily parts. The GripStick is also useful in giving you a little extra arm length in placing or removing metal parts on presses, cutting tables or CNC machines.

The GripStick’s cushioned grip and magnet are reversible, allowing you to configure the magnetic retriever’s angle to best suit your application and comes in either ceramic or rare earth magnet configurations.

  • Retrieve hot parts
  • Keep hands out of press
  • Reduce employee injury


Lift Capacity (LBS)Magnet MaterialHeight (IN)Width (IN)Length (IN)Weight (LBS)Catalog Number
43.5Rare Earth7/81-3/8140.65IMPL2104
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