Elephant Lifting Products “Mini” Lever Hoist

Elephant Lifting Products “Mini” Lever Hoist

  • Grade 105 galvanized load chain, which adheres to the strict German DIN 5684 standard.
  • Hoist body has an electro-deposited black finish for corrosion resistance.
  • The YA-50 has a unique hook design with tip supporting safety latches.
  • Both models have a compact design, for use in tight spaces.
  • Easy to store within a tool bag or tool chest.
  • Select internal components are nickel coated to help prevent corrosion.
  • YIII-50 model has an overload protection safety device.

Mini Lever Hoist Dimensions & Specifications

Our Stock:

YII-25-10             Lever Hoist, YII-25 “mini”, 550 lb capacity, 10′ lift, Elephant JAPAN
YA-50-10            Lever Hoist, YA, 0.5 ton, 10′, Elephant JAPAN

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