Crosby IPBSNZ Beam Lifting Clamp

The IPBSNZ beam clamp is used for lifting, transferring and stacking H-Beams. A ring-center hoist eye allows for the beam flange to remain vertical. This series of clamps can be used in vertical and horizontal moving, transferring and stacking of different types of structural designs, such as H-Beams, angles, etc, depending on the application desired.

  • Available in capacities of 1.5 thru 4.5 metric tons.
  • Wide variety of jaw openings available: 0 to 2.00”.
  • Welded alloy steel body for strength and smaller size. Forged alloy components, where required.
  • Individually Proof Tested to 2 times the Working Load Limit with certification.
  • Company name (CrosbyIP), logo, Working Load Limit and jaw opening permanently stamped on body.
  • Each product is individually serialized, with the serial number and Proof Load test date stamped on body. User manual with test certificate is included with each clamp.
  • Optional IP-5000 Stinger assembly available (see page 428). Allows for easy connection between the clamp and hoist hook.
  • Minimum WLL of 10% of Maximum WLL.
  • Maintenance and repair kits are available.
  • Manufactured by an ISO 9001 facility.
  • All sizes are RFID EQUIPPED.
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