BUX BM² Series – Battery Powered Lift Magnet

BUX BM² Series – Battery Powered Lift Magnet

Local & cordless remote controlled battery powered lift magnets are designed for flat material handling. These Battery Powered Lifting Magnets are compact, mobile, self-contained battery powered units. Operating on their own power sources, they are free of restricting cords and wires and have the further advantage of being usable in areas where electric power is not available.

The BUX BM²-13, BUX BM²-25 and BUX BM²-36 are all single units. The BUX BM²-50 is two magnets on an adjustable spreader beam operated from a single battery pack.

These versatile Walker magnets have widespread application for handling of plates, die blocks, machined components, smooth castings, and forgings. These battery powered magnets are extremely useful throughout the plant, around the yard, receiving and shipping areas, storeroom, cut-off saws, burning and welding tables, and machine tools such as grinders, millers, shapers, drill presses, etc. Batteries not included.


  • Flor flat material handling
  • Pocket for IR Remote Transmitter
  • Removable cover allows inspection of battery
  • Temperature compensated: built-in automatic cut-off charger prevents over-charging of battery
  • For safety, magnet can not be turned “ON” if battery charge is too low
  • Interlock prevents magnet de-energization when suspended in air
  • Audible warning alarm and flashing light indicate low battery
  • Lighted display indicates battery charge level
  • 110V AC cord and plug for built-in battery charger
  • Uses “Deep Discharge” type low maintenance Gel Cell Battery
  • Meets all the requirements of ANSI/ASME B30.20 (safety standard)
  • Supplied with manual, pull test certificate, video, and safety poster

IR Remote:

  • Dual push button release
  • Clip allows operator to attach to belt or pocket
  • Single push button lift
  • Additional remote control units available at nominal cost


ModelLength (in)Width (in)Height to Crane Hook (in)Net Weight (in)Ship Weight (in)Rated Lift: ON RISI 1020 STEEL (lbs)
BUX BM² - 1316.38.6221902000-3,000
BUX BM² - 25219.6232752900-5,500
BUX BM²-36489.6235605800-8,000
BUX BM²-506012236507000-11,000

The maximum rated lift is based upon lifting clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon steel plate, 2″ or thicker with the full area of the magnet’s lifting surface in contact with the load. Derating is required for plates with rust or scale, plates thinner than 2″, and alloy steels. More detailed ratings are contained in the Operator’s Manual and Safety Instructions.

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