Open Training Session: What to Expect

We not only want to provide customers with quality products, but we want them to understand how to safely use them while in the field. For that reason, Ashley Sling offers Training Sessions each year that provide customers the opportunity to become qualified riggers. This post will cover the following topics:

Why Train?
What is an Open Training Session?
What Should I Expect?
When is Open Training?
How Do I Register?

Why Train?

Safety is vital in the industries we serve, and training is an important part of our customer’s risk management initiatives. Training provides riggers with the knowledge and insight to foresee possible hazards and take steps to remain safe on a job site. Additionally, it’s an OSHA requirement that all employers must use qualified riggers during hoisting activities and disassembly work.

What is Open Training?

Open Training Sessions are sessions scheduled throughout the year for individuals or small company groups to attend. Open Training Sessions consists of both the Qualified Rigger Preparation Training and Qualified Signal Person Training courses. If you are looking for a training for a larger group of people, you should consider scheduling a training for your group alone using our other training opportunities. All attendees must register in order to attend Open Training.

What Should I Expect from Open Training?

Open Training Sessions take place in our Austell, Georgia location. We have a comfortable space designated to training so that visitors can feel focused and ready to learn. Open Training Sessions are conducted by Sam Socolow, Ashley Sling’s Director of Operations and Training. Sam has been with Ashley Sling for over 20 years with extensive knowledge of the industry as a whole.

Before the scheduled class, you will receive a letter of confirmation with information outlining when to arrive, where to park, and other important information. In addition, you will receive a study guide for the Signal Persons Training course. This study guide helps prepare the students for items that will be discussed during the course.

Open Training Sessions consists of two days, unless an individual chooses to only participate in one of the days. The first day will cover the Qualified Rigger Preparation Training. Topics for the Qualified Rigger Preparation include ASME standards, Basic Rigging Planning, OSHA Safe Practices, Inspections, Tagging, Basic Hitches, Load Angles, Load Control and much more. The second day covers Qualified Signal Person Training, which discusses topics regarding qualification, basic crane safety, and all signaling information to become qualified. Each day of courses has a relevant test on the covered material to determine the qualification of the attendee. Certificates will be provided to the attendee’s employer. You can find a full list of topics available on the main training page.

When Is Open Training?

Open Training Sessions are scheduled at the beginning of the year, and are made available to register as soon as the dates are determined. The following are dates for 2023:

  • June 22 & 23
  • August 24 & 25
  • November 9 & 10

Spots fill up fast, so contact us to check availability and register for your spot. Visit www.ashleysling.com/services/training/ for dates that may be added in the future.

Please make training inquiries through the form at the bottom of this page. You can also contact Ashley Sling’s Austell location at 404-691-2604. Pricing for the 2023 Open Training Schedule:

  • Day 1 Only: $500/person
  • Day 2 Only: $200/person
  • Both Sessions: $575/person ($125 Savings!)

Request Training Info

Please include the date of interest in your request.

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