Load Testing: Why Proof Load Test & What Is It?

Load Test

Proof Load Testing, like inspections, is a necessary service to ensure that slings and rigging equipment are in acceptable working condition. By proof testing, you certify that your equipment (new or old) are safe to use. Not only does it determine the quality of your sling, but load testing is also completed in order to meet certain safety standards, like OSHA or ASME.

What is Proof Load Testing?

Proof Load Testing is a controlled test used on various types of rigging to verify there are no deficiencies in the manufacturing process or components. Load Testing is performed in order to identify any defects in the rigging. This is especially important in order to prevent rigging accidents. Regular rigging inspections should still be performed even though a product has been proof tested.

Tuff Ash Load Test

While it’s important to proof test, we also provide destructive testing to determine the quality of the sling. Destructive tests determine the Working Load Limit of a given sling or other rigging product. While many products exceed the working load limits when tested, the working load limit designated by the manufacturer should always be followed.

Does Ashley Sling Offer Load Testing?

At Ashley Sling, we Proof Load Test both new and used rigging. We’ve used our test machines in order to load test new products, such as our TUFF-ASH HPZ High Performance Roundsling. We can also proof test rigging and provide a certificate of testing upon request. Additionally, we proof test used rigging to ensure that it is in safe, acceptable working condition.

We are proud to be able to offer proof load testing to our customers. With a total of 7 machines, we can perform tests for all of your rigging. Our Atlanta facility is home to the “Iron Mule,” a test bed that is capable of breaking products up to a 1.8-million-pound capacity. The test machine is fully enclosed with a solid metal floor and separate controls for each of the 12 hydraulically operated doors.  

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