Introducing: TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor®

Introducing Sling Armor

TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® takes sling protection to greater heights with high performance Dyneema® sleeves.  

Designed for use with roundslings, web slings, and synthetic ropes, Sling Armor® protects load-bearing slings from edges, corners, and abrasive surfaces. It is manufactured from the finest Dyneema® tubing. Its strength is unprecedented in sling protection textile markets. Additionally, Sling Armor® is lightweight and incredibly easy to manage.

Sling Armor in use

Sling Armor® is joining Ashley Sling’s extensive sling protection line, TUFF-ASH®. TUFF-ASH® has a variety of sliding sleeves and sleeves with “quick attach” options that riggers can take on and off slings as necessary. We made the different sleeves with certain slings or rigging needs in mind. For example, we crafted the TUFF-ASH®  Edge Lifter with blocking material designed to lift slings up and around the edge of a load. At the same time, the TUFF-ASH® Tubular Quick Sleeve is designed to be used with roundslings or synthetic ropes and can be worn as a protection sleeve or used to create an eye & eye sling from an endless roundsling.

We have quality tested each TUFF-ASH® product and each has proven to out-perform similar products. Sling Armor® is no exception! We have quality tested the sleeve’s strength, and have proven its ability to surpass many sling protection items due to the Dyneema® tubing.

Why Dyneema®?

Some of the largest crane and construction companies around the world use Dyneema® on a daily basis. Although no material is cut proof, Dyneema® offers a level of cut protection that is unprecedented in sling protection textile products. In fact, Dyneema® has 30% higher tenacity than fibers used on other brand’s sling protection, such as Spectra®. See the chart below to believe it for yourself:

The Dyneema® tubing has the ability to bend and adapt to most edges, making it very versatile. It is the world’s strongest fiber and is 7 times lighter than steel at the same strength and diameter. Police and military around the world use the fiber, which is quickly taking the place of Kevlar® which is used in manufacturing body armor.

With the help of the Dyneema® fiber, TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor® is the ultimate sling protection product. It not only provides excellent resistance to sharp edges, but it offers exceptional flexibility. This flexibility is also crucial for handling large and delicate rigging loads. We manufacture TUFF-ASH® Sling Armor in our Ashley Sling facilities. It is available in three different sizes (5, 8, and 10 inch).

We are excited to see this incredible sling protection product take your rigging to the next level.

Contact your nearest Ashley Sling for more information, or request a quote today for TUFF-ASH®  Sling Armor®.

Sling Armor - Tuff-Ash Sling Protection product
Sling Armor – Sling Protection Sleeve
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