How to Order Your Slings

How to Order Slings

When it comes to ordering slings, it can be tricky to know exactly what information is needed. We want to make ordering your slings and other rigging products as easy possible. We’ve put together guides for each type of sling to help you order precisely what you need.

How to Order Guides

The How to Order Guides has a simple code for each type of sling. These codes help ensure we know exactly which type of sling by identifying part number, in addition to other information like length, diameter of the rope, number of plies, web width, number of legs, and more as they may apply. All of this info ensures we order exactly what you need.

Still not sure exactly what you need? Our sales team is here to walk you through it! You can fill out a get a quote form or call the Ashley Sling location nearest to you. They will help you put together an estimate for your slings and get your order started.

How to Order Wire Rope Slings Example Code
Example of Wire Rope Sling Code

Sling Angles & Information Guides

In addition to the guides, it is important to understand the sling angles when making a lift. We have guides to walk you through how to calculate sling angles. Additionally, the Sling Capacity & Choker Hitch Angles is important information to consider for Wire Rope Slings, Web Slings, and Round Slings. Equipping yourself with as much knowledge as possible will help you purchase the best rigging for your job.

At the end of the day, we want to set our customers up for success and give them everything they need to make the right rigging decisions for their job. As always, we’re here to help with any decisions you need for your slings. Be sure to check out our products and contact us with any inquiries!

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