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Corrosion-Resistant Chain
Harrington's Nickel-Diffused (ND) Chain is designed for use in corrosive environments where saltwater, rain, steam, and many acidic and alkaline solutions are prevalent. The specific temperature, concentration, and duration of exposure will affect the corrosion rate of the chain. Please consult factory for assistance.

Chain Containers
Harrington offers a broad range of chain containers for use with maunal hoist products. These feature the same industrial quality construction as the containers available for our electric hoists.

 • Chain containers are available in three basic sizes: 05, 10 and 15.
 Containers are constructed from vinyl-coated canvas with a steel frame on top.
 The containers are prepared differently depending on the hoist model.
 CF and NTH model hoists must be disassembled to install a container and must be load tested after assembly. 
The containers should be installed by Harrington or a repair company capable of performing load tests.

Latch Kits
Each Harrington latch kit contains a steel latch, stainless steel latch spring, attachment clamp, and all required hardware. The clamp attaches tightly to the hook neck, while finger lugs on each side of the latch allow it to be opened easily with either hand. A centering indentation on the bottom of the latch prevents the latch from slipping off the hook point. Harrington latch kits come in 13 standard sizes and can be custom manufactured for other neck and throat openings. Stainless steel hook latches are available for specialty applications. Consult factory for more information.

CB Hand Chain Hoist 
With Chain Container

Hoist Product Code Maximum Lift (ft)
Size 05 Size 10
CB005 39 68
CB010 39 68
CB015 28 49
CB020 22 39
CB025 22 38
CB030 14 24
CB050 11 19

NTH Trolley Hoist
With Chain Container
Hoist Product Code Maximum Lift (ft)
Size 05 Size 10 Size 15
NTH010 39 68 134
NTH020 20 34 67
NTH030 14 24 48
NTH050 9 16 32
CF Hand Chain Hoist
With Chain Container 

Hoist Product Code Maximum Lift
Size 05 Size 10
CF005 39 68
CF010 39 68
CF015 28 49
CF020 20 34
CF030 14 24
CF050 9 16

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